September 2015 Blog Series

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an HGTV fanatic. My all-time favorite show is Divine Design with Candice Olsen (although Property Brothers is a close second). Have you ever watched a home makeover show and wished your house could look like that? Well, it can.

It is good to walk through your home ever so often and evaluate. Ask yourself: Does this room function properly? What can I do to make it look better? Use this as a starting point to re-invent your space. Remember, the purpose of design is to highlight your home’s greatest features and capitalize on its assets.

Whether you are designing your home to sell or to enjoy, this blog series is sure to inspire you to look at your home through different eyes.

1.The biggest challenge in home staging is furniture placement. Scale is everything. It important that your furniture is the right scale for the room. If your pieces are too big, they can swallow the space and make the room feel small. It may also limit your placement because there may only be one or two ways you can physically position the piece. If your furniture is too small, your pieces may look like their floating in the room with no clear direction. Remember that your furniture should flow like a river from one space to another and there should be clear conversation areas.

2.Natural light is one of the best features your home can offer. One of the things I think we are most guilty of (including myself) is hiding windows. Whether they are hidden behind heavy, light-blocking window treatments or a piece of furniture, windows can be your home’s greatest asset. Let the light in! Also be sure to add a mirror adjacent or opposite a window for an eye-catching effect.

3.Creating an outdoor space is a great way to extend your living space and make your home feel bigger. Having that extra space during the warmer months can be a life saver for shaking cabin fever after winter. Imagine enjoying evening dinners under the stars or a wrapping up on an outdoor chaise with a good book. The added touch of fresh air is a great addition to any home. It also helps to spruce up your front landscape. Your landscape speaks for your home and it should be inviting. So whether it is inviting your friends over, potential buyers to come take a look, or simply welcoming you home, you want to make sure it is saying the right thing. Flowers are your friend.

4.Maximizing your space is essential to design. Built-ins are a great way to do that. While you may be able to think of a place to throw in a bookshelf or two, I want to encourage you to explore beyond that. For example, could the space under the steps be a great place to create a built-in desk for homework or could the dog bed be incorporated in this wall of cabinets? Could customizing a closet eliminate some of the furniture pieces in a room? Examining these solutions can help you discover space that you don’t realize that you have.

5.Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming. Color is very powerful and can evoke calm, cheer or comfort. Color also has the power to evoke drama. If color is used correctly, it can make a tiny room feel larger or larger rooms feel more intimate. I challenge you to choose color carefully and use color creatively. Remember the 60-30-10 color rule: use 60% of the dominant color, 30% of a secondary color and 10% of the accent color.

I hope this has inspired you to re-invigorate your space just in time for fall. Here are a list of my Top 5 Places to Shop for home decor in Nashville.

1. Z Gallerie (Green Hills)

2. Home Goods (Brentwood)

3. Kirkland’s (100 Oaks)

4. Remix Consignment (8th Ave South)

5. At Home (West Nashville)


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